Bar Accessories

Complete your bar with our wide range of bar accessory hire. From pourers to measures and cocktail shakers to jiggers, we've got what you need to run your bar smoothly.

  1. Tappour Free Flow Pourer

    £0.30 ex VAT
  2. Muddler

    £0.50 ex VAT
  3. Ice Tongs

    £0.50 ex VAT
  4. Jigger Spirit Measure

    £0.50 ex VAT
  5. Food Tray
    Food Trays

    £0.65 ex VAT
  6. Ice Scoop

    £0.70 ex VAT
  7. Waiters Friend

    £0.70 ex VAT
  8. Bar Spoon

    £0.70 ex VAT
  9. Hawthorn Strainer

    £1.50 ex VAT
  10. Round Tray
    Non Slip Trays

    £2.00 ex VAT
  11. Rectangular Tray
    Non Slip Trays

    £3.00 ex VAT
  12. Champagne Bucket

    £3.00 ex VAT
  13. Wine Bottle Cooler Polished Steel

    £3.00 ex VAT
  14. Boston Shaker And Glass

    £3.00 ex VAT
  15. Spittoon

    £3.50 ex VAT
  16. Mahogany Tray

    £3.50 ex VAT
  17. Barrel End Ice Tub

    £6.00 ex VAT
  18. Wine Stand - Deluxe

    £6.00 ex VAT
  19. Waste Bin

    £6.50 ex VAT
  20. Champagne Bowl Large

    £7.50 ex VAT
  21. Chrome Tray Stand

    £8.00 ex VAT
  22. Bottle Skip

    £9.00 ex VAT


All Black (6) Silver (12)


All Polyethylene (3) Polypropylene (6) Stainless Steel (11)



It needs more than the right glasses to keep a bar running smoothly. Having the right equipment can make it easy to keep the drinks flowing – which is important when you have thirsty guests.

What kinds of bar accessory hire are there?

Every bar is different, so we have put a lot of thought into what kinds of bar accessory hire we can offer.

For cocktail bars, we’ve got not only cocktail shakers, but things like jiggers to measure ingredients and strainers t help serve them. If you’re in a real rush having pourers for ready mixed drinks and quickly needed ingredients can help a great deal.

If you’re running a general bar, having a speed rack can help you immensely by keeping the bottles you need most in a handy place at the front of the bar. Optics and measures will help ensure you serve drinks in a lawful manner, while garnish dispensers help keep them all in place.

How does delivery of bar accessory hire work?

We clean and check every piece of bar accessory hire before it comes out to you, to make sure it arrives in great condition ready for use. All we ask is any food debris or liquids are removed prior to their return.

We deliver from Solent Event Hire to the whole of Southampton and the South Coast including to Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire. Check the carriage calculator on the home page to find out how much a standard delivery costs.