Having the right glassware hire for your event or occasion is essential if you want it to run smoothly. Choose from our wide range of glasses for hire, delivered to Southampton and the South Coast.

  1. Hi-Ball Tumbler 12oz

    £0.15 ex VAT
  2. Tall Vodka Shot Slammer Glass 25ml

    £0.20 ex VAT
  3. Boston Shot Slammer Glass 2oz

    £0.20 ex VAT
  4. Beer Mug 10oz
    Dimple Beer Mugs

    £0.25 ex VAT
  5. Bistro Capri Brandy Glass 9oz

    £0.30 ex VAT
  6. Beer Mug - 20oz
    Dimple Beer Mugs

    £0.35 ex VAT
  7. ISO - Wine Tasting Glass

    £0.40 ex VAT
  8. Mulled Wine/Irish Coffee Glass

    £0.40 ex VAT
  9. Champagne Saucers - Crystal 6.25oz

    £0.40 ex VAT
  10. Beer Glass - 20oz
    Icon Beer Mugs

    £0.40 ex VAT
  11. Beer Mug 10oz
    Icon Beer Mugs

    £0.40 ex VAT
  12. Crystal Sherry Port Glass 4.25oz

    £0.40 ex VAT
  13. Bistro Jug 0.25ltr
    Table Jugs

    £0.60 ex VAT
  14. Vin/Wine Carafe 1lt
    Table Jugs

    £0.80 ex VAT
  15. Deco Cocktail Shaker

    £2.60 ex VAT
  16. Bottle Skip

    £9.00 ex VAT
  17. Buffalo Digital Bar Blender

    £55.00 ex VAT


All Glass (27)


All Saxon Savoie Glasses (4) Table Jugs (3)

We’ve put together a huge range of glasses for hire to help ensure all your needs are met.

What ranges of glassware hire are there?

There are five predominant ranges of glassware hire available from us.

The most commonly hire glasses are our wine glasses for hire. We have a range of sizes to suit any wines, with both standard and crystal versions available. For wine tasters we stock specialist ISO glasses to ensure the highest standards.

Our champagne glasses for hire are perfect for toasting any occasion. We have saucers and flutes available so you can choose the style which best suits you.

For ale drinkers we have a selection of beer glasses in both pint and half pint versions. There are older fashioned panelled mugs for those who like a traditional touch, and the more contemporary pilsner glasses for those looking for something more modern.

Our cocktail glasses are great for cocktail parties and functions. We’ve got a selection of styles so you have the right type of glass for the right mixed drink.

While there the plainest of glasses, the humble tumbler are also one of the most versatile. We have a huge quantity of these in stock for even the largest event.

We also stock speciality glasses for liqueurs, aperitifs and coffee.

How does glassware hire delivery work?

All of our glasses are cleaned and checked prior to dispatch in specialised crates. While every attempt is made to ensure that our glasses arrive in great condition, accidents in transit can occur and we recommend that a few extra are ordered to prevent against unexpected eventualities ruining your event. Please ensure all glasses are free of food debris and liquids prior to their return.

We deliver from Solent Event Hire to the whole of Southampton and the South Coast including to Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire. Check the carriage calculator on the home page to find out how much a standard delivery costs.