The party is over, the wedding is finished, the exhibition is done. All that remains is for your hire equipment to be collected and everything else is just a pleasant memory. While your event is over, our work isn’t done and there are a few things that can help us make our collection from you a speedy and efficient exercise.

Repack items

There is no need to tell us how bad a hangover can feel. We’re all reasonably experienced in them here, so we know how hard it can be to tidy up the aftermath of a party. However, it’s a job that needs to be done so that we can collect our hire equipment.

For crockery, cutlery and glass hire that can mean washing up. If you don’t want to face that chore – and let’s face it, who does – you can utilise our send it back dirty service for 25% of the hire charge. If you do use that service, all you will need to do is to scrape food debris off cutlery and crockery and empty any liquids out of glasses before repacking.

In either case, you will need to put the items you have hired back into the crates they were delivered in. The temptation might be to pile crockery high in our boxes but that only makes them impossible to carry and potentially a magnet for breakages. We don’t expect you to make a professional job of it like our warehouse guys, but it does make things easier if you use all the boxes provided and distribute things as equally as possible.

Be ready to help reload the van

If your party or occasion was not on the ground floor then you will need to get all of your equipment to the ground floor ready for our drivers to collect. Our drivers are under strict instruction from our insurers not to deliver to or collect from above or below the ground floor and can refuse any collection where this is the case. If a driver refuses a collection because items were not available to be collected this can incur a further collection and or rental charge.

As you will have seen from your delivery, our delivery drivers are multiple drop drivers working a large number of drops and collections a day. They will want to get things loaded as quickly as possible and away, so it helps to have everything together and ready to be loaded on the van.

It’s a real pain if things get left behind so please take time to ensure everything that should be returned to us is ready to be collected. The onus is on the hirer to ensure everything is returned as it should be and if things are left behind there is likely to be extra costs involved with the hirer is responsible for.

Problems with equipment

In all honesty, telling us you had a problem with equipment when we come to pick it up is not helpful. We can’t do anything to fix the problem after the fact and it leaves our driver in a difficult position. We always urge people to check their delivery when they sign for it and to report any issues ASAP so we can fix them.

If there are any breakages of bigger items then you need to report them to the driver will then take pictures of the damage before he leaves. This way there can be no confusion over when the breakages happened and we can deal with them in an amicable and appropriate manner. Smaller items like cutlery and crockery are checked in the warehouse once they are returned.