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Whether it's an intimate soirée or a massive blowout, if you're serving drinks at your event or special occasion, you're going to need barware and glassware. We know how important it is to have the exactly the right kind of glassware for the drinks you're serving, and as such we've built a range up which can cater for all kinds of events. All glasses are packaged in specialised boxes for safety in transit, and for easy storage before and after your event. We can even offer a "send it back dirty service" if you don't want to wash up afterwards! If you're hosting a bar, then our large range of accessories can help make the task of serving drinks easier. 

With large quantities of all kinds of cocktail glassesbeer glasses permanently in stock Solent Catering and Event Hire can help you with your next event or special occasion. 

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  1. Hi-Ball Tumbler Glass - 10oz
    Our Hi-Ball Tumbler glasses are among the most popular glasses we have on our website and there are often thousands out on hire at a tim... More
    £0.14 £0.12
  2. Hi-Ball Tumbler Glass - 12oz
    Whether it's a water glass at a banquet or a long drink glass at a party, the Hi-Ball Tumbler is a versatile glass. Made from toughened ... More
    £0.18 £0.15
  3. Tulip Beer Pub Glass 10oz GS CE Marked Nucleated Head Keepers Half Pint
    If you're looking for a beer glass for your next event or special occasion then you've come to the right place. These 10oz Tulip beer gl... More
    £0.18 £0.15
  4. Saxon Savoie Wine Glass Goblet 7oz
    When you're serving wine at your event or special occasion then you will need wine glasses like these. These wine glasses are the smalle... More
    £0.18 £0.15
  5. American Shot Slammer Glass 1.oz
    Shots! It's not a proper party if you're not serving shots - and these American Shot Slammer Glasses are perfect for the job. They're a ... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  6. Saxon Savoie Wine Glass Goblet 9oz
    Serve drinks in style at your next event or special occasion with these Saxon Savoie wine goblets. The 9oz goblet is a popular choice fo... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  7. Pink Shot Slammer Glass 1.25oz
    If your party is pink then these Shot Slammer Glasses are going to fit right in. These glasses are a pretty pink in colour and a generou... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  8. Bistro Sherry Port Liqueur Glass 1.75oz
    Specialist drinks like liqueurs deserve to be served in specialist glasses, like these Bistro glasses. Made from toughened glass for dur... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  9. Green Shot Slammer Glass 1.25oz
    If you've got a set aesthetic for your party then you might want your glasses to match. These Shot Slammer glasses are an attractive gre... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  10. Boston Shot Slammer Glass 2oz
    Are your guests party animals? If you're looking to serve shots and you want to make them big, then these Boston Shot Slammer Glasses ar... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  11. Yellow Shot Slammer Glass 1.25oz
    Have you got a set colour for your event or special occasion? If it's yellow then these shot glasses will fit right in. A generous 1.25o... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  12. Tulip Beer Pub Glass 20oz Pint GS CE Maked Nucleated Head Keepers
    If it's pints at your event or special occasion then beer glasses are absolutely essential. These Tulip 20oz pint glasses are the standa... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  13. Saxon Savoie Champagne Flute 6oz
    Toast your guests at your next event or special occasion with these beautiful Saxon Savoie Champagne Flutes. These flutes are always in ... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  14. Boston Shot Slammer Glass 1.5oz
    Get the party started with these 1.5oz Boston Shot Slammer Glasses. These glasses are perfect for small shots like sambuca, tequila or v... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  15. Tall Vodka Shot Slammer Glass 2.oz
    Start the Vodka flowing with these awesome Tall Vodka Shot Slammer Glasses. A huge 2oz in size means they can contain a whole lot of spi... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  16. Ramono Sherry Port Liqueur Glass 1.75oz
    If you are offering liqueurs at your next party or event then you should consider speciality glasses like this one. These glasses are ba... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  17. Tall Vodka Shot Slammer Glass 1.75oz
    Ah Vodka. One of the meanest spirits with a face of it's own - and a glass too. These Tall Vodka Shot Slammer Glasses are perfect for se... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  18. Saxon Savoie Wine Glass Goblet 12oz
    Are you serving wine at your next event or special occasion then you're going to need wine glasses. These Saxon Savoie wine goblets are ... More
    £0.30 £0.25
  19. Dimple Beer Mug - Half Pint - 10oz GS CE Marked
    Lend a traditional feel to your next event or special occasion with these dimple beer mugs. These CE marked half pint glasses are made f... More
    £0.30 £0.25
  20. Tappour Free Flow Pourer
    If you are serving spirits and liqueurs at your next event or special occasion then a pourer might be a handy accessory. Designed to fit... More
    £0.36 £0.30
  21. Elgin Sherry Port Liqueur Glass 0.75oz
    Whether it's a snifter of port, a seductive sherry or a liqueur to help make your guests loquacious, the right glass is needed. These at... More
    £0.36 £0.30
  22. Bistro Capri Brandy Glass 9oz
    Brandy and Cognac deserves to be served in the right glass - so why not hire our Bistro Capri Brady glasses for your next event or speci... More
    £0.36 £0.30
  23. 7.75oz Heavy Glass Based Side Tumbler Whisky
    Whether it's Scotch on the Rocks or an Old Fashioned, these lowball style glasses are perfect for serving whisky style drinks. The base ... More
    £0.36 £0.30
  24. 11.5oz Heavy Glass Based Side Tumbler Whisky
    If you want to serve your guests whisky based drinks then you should consider these lowball style tumblers. Made with a heavy glass base... More
    £0.42 £0.35
  25. Dimple Beer Mug - 20oz GS CE Marked - 1 Pint
    Sometimes, traditional is the way to go. These Dimple Beer Mugs are the perfect pint glasses if you want to lend more of an old world, "... More
    £0.42 £0.35
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Items 1-25 of 150

per page

If you’re hosting a party serving drinks then glassware and bar accessories are going to be a necessity. We know how important it is to have the right glassware for the kinds of drinks you want to serve, and as such we've built up a huge range of various types of glassware. We’ve not got just beer glasseschampagne flutes and cocktail glasses in our glassware selection – but everything you could possibly need to serve booze, bubbles and soft drinks at your event. 

Hosting drinks is more than just glasses though - it's all about the little touches that make a bar look just right. We stock an extensive range of bar accessories to help your event go smoothly from glasswashers to ice dispenserscocktail shakers and stirrers to jiggers and pourers. Our serving equipment and glassware all conform to Government standards in sizes and measures giving you and your guests peace of mind that they are getting the full amount of drink that they should be.

If you need something just a little bit more special, then look no further than our exclusive range Michelangelo crystal glassware to bring that added sparkle to your event. We have also got a wide range of glasses, flutes and saucers for all your wedding hire needs.

Expecting a hangover after the event? You don't even need to worry about washing up afterwards - with our send it back dirty service it's as simple as emptying your glasses, putting them back in their packaging containers and leaving it to the professionals.

Solent Catering and Event Hire have a massive amount of experience in delivering and collecting all manner of catering equipment hire including bar hire. With vans on the road seven days a week between 8am and 8pm and one hour delivery timeslots we can ensure that you get what you need for your event or special occasion, when you need it. If you have any queries please call our team on 0800 910 1166.

We deliver and collect throughout the Hampshire area, and beyond. Some of the locations we serve are shown below: